Dr. William C Miller’s 2021 Research and Staff team consists of PhD and Masters students, research staff, as well as undergraduate Work Learn students. The majority of Dr. Miller’s research is conducted at the Rehabilitation Research Program (Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute) based out of the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

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PhD and Masters Students

Isabelle Rash (PhD Student)

Coming from advertisement, marketing and R&D, Isabelle is currently a PhD Student in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Brodie M. Sakakibara and Dr. William C. Miller supervising. In the previous Master of Digital Media program, she learned how to be proficient in building, managing and leading digital media projects. With a strong interest in the health-tech industry, her PhD studies focus on combining rehabilitation for stroke survivors with new technologies. 




Himani Prajapati (PhD Student)

I am currently a first year PhD student at the University of British Columbia in Rehabilitation Sciences under the supervision of Dr. William C. Miller. I have completed a Bachelors in Physiotherapy and Masters in Neuro Physiotherapy and also possess a clinical background in Neuro Rehabilitation. I am interested in Rehabilitation Interventions focusing on balance, mobility and fatigue in people with spinal cord injury consequently aiming to ameliorate quality of life.  




Gordon Tao (PhD Student)

Gordon is a PhD student at the University of British Columbia in the Rehabilitation Sciences graduate program with Dr. William C. Miller supervising. He completed his BSc in Life Sciences at Queen’s University and his MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences at McGill University. Gordon is passionate about the role of assistive technologies in supporting independence and improving quality of life. His research interests include digital media and virtual reality applications for health as well as stakeholder-driven evaluation of assistive technologies. His doctoral research focuses on the design of digital games for rehabilitation.





Pegah Derakhshan (PhD Student)

Pegah Derakhshan is a first-year PhD student in Rehabilitation Science under the supervision of Dr Bill Miller and Dr Ben Mortenson. Pegah completed her medical degree in Iran, and her research focused on patients with spinal cord injury. 






Brittany Pousett (PhD Student)

Brittany Pousett is a Certified Prosthetist and a PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Under the guidance of Dr William C Miller and Dr Crystal MacKay (at the University of Toronto), she is pursuing her passion for bridging the gap between research and clinical practice in the field of rehabilitation. Her research focuses on the lives and experiences of individuals with limb loss and how their physical activity, community participation and prosthesis use affect their well-being. She aims to empower and support individuals with limb loss to engage in activities that are meaningful to them. When not pursuing research, Brittany enjoys adventurous outdoor activities with her husband and kids, such as skiing/snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding and camping.



Research Staff

Ethan Simpson (Research Coordinator, University of British Columbia)

Ethan is the Research Coordinator for Dr. Miller at UBC. He completed his BSc in Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Exeter before his MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC. He enjoys spending time with friends and can often be found engaging in outdoor activities.






Aditya Dhariwal (Research Assistant, University of British Columbia)

Adit is doing a combined major in Chemistry, Math and Life Sciences. He is interested in how technology integrates with rehabilitation. Outside of research, you can find him playing sports with his friends.









Jayden Singh (Research Assistant, University of British Columbia)

Jayden is a fourth-year Kinesiology student at UBC. He is interested in research on spinal cord injuries and new technologies in that field. After university, He is looking to get into a career in rehabilitation. In my free time, he likes playing sports and watching movies.








Wenqi Zhang (Research Assistant, University of British Columbia)

Wenqi, a final-year undergraduate student in Cognitive Systems at UBC, is actively engaged in research pertaining to the utilization of technology. Her primary focus lies in discovering innovative approaches to enhance virtual rehabilitation, elevate user experiences through interface improvements, and develop novel methods of interaction. Additionally, Wenqi is passionate about leveraging technology like virtual reality or interactive robots to assist stroke patients, aiming to physically and mentally help their rehabilitation process.






Jimmy Choy (Research Assistant, University of British Columbia)

Jimmy Choy is a third-year undergraduate student in Biology at UBC. His primary interest lies in understanding the recovery processes and underlying physiology from body illnesses and diseases. He aspires to pursue a Doctor of Optometry degree and is keen on working on novel interventions that enhance patient interactions. He is particularly focused on understanding the emotional distress faced by patients impaired with illnesses or disabilities. Outside of his academic and professional interests, he relishes trying different cuisines in the city and ensures he maintains his fitness by hitting the gym, especially during the school year.




Asia Cai (Research Assistant, University of British Columbia)

Asia is a fourth-year Kinesiology student at UBC with an avid interest for active rehabilitation. This passion was ignited when she witnessed the transformative impact of active rehab on her mom’s recovery from a sporting injury. Seeing her mom regain her strength and return to her beloved activities inspired Asia to pursue a career in helping others improve their function, mobility, and strength. Outside of her studies, Asia prioritizes her own well-being through activities like hiking, lifting, and running outdoors. She also values quality time with her family, and discovering new coffee shops.