Since starting at UBC my primary teaching responsibilities have been the supervision of graduate students and to teach the graduate research methods course (RHSC 500). Within the Masters’ of Occupational Therapy Program I coordinated and developed courses within the Evidence for Practice stream of the developing Masters program with particular emphasis and interest in the small scope research projects (RSOT 547). I have taught a variety of other courses outlined in the table below.

Beyond from teaching for the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Program and the School of Rehabilitation Sciences I provide continuing education primarily to occupational therapists but also other health professionals. I view this as an essential teaching contribution that enables therapists to learn research skills and integrate evidence into practice. My hidden agenda is that exposure to research will lead therapists to become actively involved in clinical research, which is essential for the development of the profession.

My plan is to develop a new course in clinical trials for rehabilitation scientists for the Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Program within the next year.

Courses taught past and presentteaching-661748__180

  • EBP: MOT/MPT Intro to Rehab Evidence-Based Practice
  • RSOT 515: Practice Skills and Therapeutic Procedures
  • RSOT 537: Evidence for Practice: Clinical Reasoning
  • RSOT 545: Practice Skills and Therapeutic Procedures III
    • Wheelchair Skills Bootcamp
  • RSOT 547: Evidence for Practice: Project
  • RHSC 500: Health Research Design and Methods
  • RHSC 504: Directed Studies in Rehabilitation


I also facilitate a number of small-group tutorials. These case-based exercises integrate knowledge across occupational therapy courses and aim to process complex societal or population health issues.

*RSOT is the Occupational Therapy program/RHSC is the Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate program