New Team Members Join the MATTERS Lab for the Winter!

We are excited to welcome three new students, Asia, Dhruva, and Jimmy, to the MATTERS lab in Sep 2023!

Learn more about them by reading their brief biographies below:

Asia Cai 

Asia is a fourth-year Kinesiology student at UBC with an avid interest for active rehabilitation. This passion was ignited when she witnessed the transformative impact of active rehab on her mom’s recovery from a sporting injury. Seeing her mom regain her strength and return to her beloved activities inspired Asia to pursue a career in helping others improve their function, mobility, and strength. Outside of her studies, Asia prioritizes her own well-being through activities like hiking, lifting, and running outdoors. She also values quality time with her family, and discovering new coffee shops.

Dhruva Aggrawal

Dhruva is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UBC majoring in Psychology. She has a deep passion for older adult health and quality of life, aspiring to pursue a career in occupational therapy with a focus on older adult health. She is also an enthusiast of figure skating. In her free time, you’ll often find her gliding on the ice.

Jimmy Choy

Jimmy Choy is a third-year undergraduate student in Biology at UBC. His primary interest lies in understanding the recovery processes and underlying physiology from body illnesses and diseases. He aspires to pursue a Doctor of Optometry degree and is keen on working on novel interventions that enhance patient interactions. He is particularly focused on understanding the emotional distress faced by patients impaired with illnesses or disabilities. Outside of his academic and professional interests, he relishes trying different cuisines in the city and ensures he maintains his fitness by hitting the gym, especially during the school year.