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Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & MarketingInterested in furthering your academic endeavours or gaining valuable laboratory experience with a diverse and fun group of people? Dr. Miller is now selectively accepting applications for student trainees. Please contact Dr. Miller directly for more information or to express your interest in joining his lab.





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hero_hospitalWe are actively recruiting for a number of ongoing studies, with varying time commitments. Some studies include just one visit to our lab, while others involve multiple visits within a few months, or one or two visits per year over several years. Our participants are a valued and essential part of what we do as researchers; without the help of participants, it would be much more difficult to understand the needs of users with physical disabilities, and seek to improve assistive technology.


We are pleased to be able to offer these training interventions that have the potential to benefit those with mobility issues, or help those who may not have regular or reliable access to wheelchair training and wheelchair skill-building resources.

Please call 604-734-1313 (extension 6292) for more information or sign up for a study.

Current Studies

GARDEN – Games for Rehabilitation Design Nexus

Older adults may experience physical and cognitive barriers that impact their participation in meaningful activities. Increasingly, digital rehabilitation games have been developed and may be used by older adults to enhance their aging and wellness.  The purpose of this study is to develop a design framework that focuses on the end user in their role as a game player and rehabilitation client. Currently, we are looking for individuals aged 50 or older who have experiences using videogames for health (such as physical, occupational, or cognitive therapy), are able to speak English, and have access to a computer with webcam and internet. If you are interested in participating in an online interview consisting of 2 1-hour sessions, please contact Gordon Tao at An honorarium will be provided for your time.

Self-Management for Amputees using Rehabilitation Technology (SMART) 

This qualitative study will explore the rehabilitation education experiences and learning preferences of adults with lower limb amputation (LLA). The purpose of this study is to identify, through focus groups with patients and practitioners, the barriers and facilitators that affect participation in educational programs after LLA. To find out more and participate in this study, visit our SMART Participant Information page.