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Self-Management for Amputee Rehabilitation using Technology (SMART) program is a peer-supported virtual health approach for rehabilitation after lower limb amputation.

SMART aims to help participants by providing an online education program and peer support to improve an individual’s walking capacity, confidence, knowledge, and self-management skills following lower limb amputation.

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We are recruiting participants for SMART Program

To be able to participate in the SMART Program, participants must:

  • Be aged 50 years or older
  • Have a unilateral lower limb amputation (transtibial or transfemoral) due to diabetes/vascular disease or traumatic causes
  • Have completed the initial casting of prosthesis within the last 5 years
  • Have access to computer or tablet or smart phone and internet

Participants will not be able to participate if they:

  • Have substantial health conditions (e.g. congestive heart failure)
  • Anticipate further surgery (e.g. LLA revision)
  • Have an inability to use a tablet (e.g. using hands for typing)

What to expect:

  • This is a randomized-control trial. Participants will be divided into one of two groups.
    • Participate in 6-weeks of online self-management modules (less than 3 hours/week) from the comfort of home
    • Weekly online meetings with a peer trainer
    • 3 virtual sessions with the research team
    • Participate in a 15 minute phone call once a week for 6-weeks
    • 3 virtual sessions with the research team
    • Have access to the SMART modules and peer trainer after the study period (10 weeks)

What you might gain:

  • Tools and knowledge to improve walking capacity, confidence, and self-management skills
  • The support of a peer mentor who has gone through similar experiences
  • An honorarium after each virtual session with the research team

Participate in SMART:

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Meet the SMART Peer Trainers

During the 6-week program, you will be paired with one of our lovely peer trainers from British Columbia and Ontario.


Residence: Prince George, BC
Amputation: Right – Below Knee Amputation (BKA)

Jim was diagnosed with Charcot Neuroarthropathy (Charcot Foot) which combined with Type 2 Diabetes, and an infection, resulted in a right BKA in February 2021. He found the rehabilitation process at Holy Family Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver extremely beneficial. Jim became a SMART Program Peer Trainer in the hopes that he would be able to help others learn how to deal with a leg amputation. Over his life Jim has participated in a number of sports including football, softball, curling and skiing. Jim is a former advanced certification scuba diver and enjoys playing golf in his free time.


Residence: Vancouver, BC
Amputation: Left – Below Knee Amputation (BKA)

Scott was born in St. John, NB, but grew up and attended university in Toronto. He currently lives in Vancouver,BC where he underwent rehabilitation at Holy family Hospital following his left BKA in May 2020 due to diabetes. As a Peer Trainer, Scott hopes to help and assist new amputees with their experience in the same way he was supported. Scott enjoys reading, sports, and fishing when he has spare time. 


Residence: Whistler, BC
Amputation: Right – Above Knee Amputation (AKA)

Wayne had an above the knee amputation on his right leg due to cancer in 2017. Prior to his amputation Wayne was a big outdoor enthusiast and has lived in Whistler, British Columbia for almost 40 years. He was a big skier, mountain biker, trail runner… and now he is re-learning and enjoying doing all of the above without the right leg!


Residence: Vancouver, BC
Amputation: Left – Above Knee Amputation (AKA)

Cristina was diagnosed with angiosarcoma in 2014 that resulted in left AKA. She underwent rehabilitation for two years and had strong support from my family, relatives, friends, and co-workers which helped her adapt and accept her new normal. With this support, she was able to return to full-time work as a nurse and is still going strong today! She was also able to contribute to a published book called “Unconform: Harnessing the Radical Power of Courage” by Kathy Donovan. Sharing her experiences of finding inner strength after going through this life changing event was liberating and she looks forward to supporting SMART participants through this process.


Residence: Toronto, ON
Amputation: Left – Below Knee Amputation (BKA)

Patricia underwent three surgeries in 2012 due to undiagnosed diabetes which resulted in a left BKA. Her goal as a peer trainer is to help show new amputees that life goes on and share her strategies for coping and adaptation to enjoy their new life. Patricia has a variety of life experiences such as working with Pierre Elliott Trudeau for her first job, as well as gardening and volunteering at a dog rescue shelter in her free time.


Residence: Woodstock, ON
Amputation: Left – Below Knee Amputation (BKA)

Jan underwent a left BKA amputation in 2019 and had great support from her family and healthcare team during her rehabilitation process. Jan became a SMART Peer Trainer to help others achieve their goals and feel good while helping them through a realistic but positive lens. When she isn’t cheering others on, you can find her cooking (and eating!), creating flower arrangements, reading, solving puzzles, or playing volleyball and racquetball.


SMART Research Contact Information

SMART Research Team:

  • Ethan Simpson | Research Coordinator
  • Aditya Dhariwal | Recruitment Lead


Phone: 604-734-1313 ext. 6292